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Re: SCF2016 Raffle!

Typically, the majority of raffle prizes have come from club sponsors. I volunteered this year to reach out to vendors other than sponsors to request donations. The donations that have been received so far from non-sponsor vendors consist of the following:

Trail Tuff Nets ( has donated one of its very cool XJ cargo nets that runs behind the backseat up to the roof. This is the same net that the vendor contributed to the rig that was raffled off at Moab a couple of years back.

Coyote Enterprises (htt has donated three sets of its automatic tire deflators.

And JCR Offroad (, which fabricates and sells a bunch of great Jeep parts and accessories, has donated two $50 gift certificates.

Other donations have been promised, and I'll post up as they are received. Needless to say, we should all be grateful for the generous support of these vendors and our club sponsors!