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Re: Moab 35th Anniversary 2018

Trail leader Karl aka Los Lobos was first to put tires on Chewy. The rain wasn't helping our situation, and Karl called in Warn for assistance.

I knew the general line from years past, stacked some rocks at the bottom ledge, and shot it first gear 3.8. I was up the first face, and then it was a matter of finessing the Jeep over and exiting the off camber climb out. Thanks to some great spotting, Chewy was conquered.

John followed suit, and also had a clean run up.

Mark lined up at the base, and shot it but couldn't quite hook up. Chewy has a way of spitting you out, and at that point you'd be wise to just pull cable/rope which Mark did.

Rob hit Chewy full throttle, and pulled a wheelie on his first shot. The second shot resulted in a blown out rear driveline, and grenaded mystery part in the front Dirty_Thirty.

Good spirits though because... Pritchett Canyon.

We talked it over as a group, and debated on sending a few rigs back out with Rob, or continuing on. We chose to keep pushing forward knowing we'd have to work to winch Rob through the obstacles to come. Two winches got Rob up Chewy.

Bob winched the first face, and was able to drive out the off camber exit.

Jeff's seat will never be the same. Jeff demonstrated some amazing trust with whoever was spotting him the whole day, and followed every direction to a T. Great driving!

After we got everyone up Chewy Hill, we continued on and dropped down the off camber ledge.

"Co Dawg" award winner Nick was at every obstacle helping to get the group through easily and quickly.

As the day went on the rain let up.

Ken radioed in, "I just broke my track-bar in half." We hiked back to him, and grabbed his sheared track bar. I had some welding rod, and Rob had a welding kit. Nick wired up a make shift 24V welder, and started stacking dimes. Just another day on the trail.

Now that Ken had a one piece track-bar again we continued on through the flats. Rob's grenaded front end mysteriously began to work during this section.

Rocker Knocker was a sloppy mess. The thick clay was ruthless and killed any hopes of traction. Karl had the line, by the hole the driver's tire usually climbs out was bottomless today.

Ken had the same result, just four tire fire.

On the winch.

Even the climb out proved to be a challenge.

Rob back on the winch.

John letting Jason drive the LSXJ up Rocker Knocker. Even horsepower could power through the sloppy mess.


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