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Re: Radiator Fan Override Switch (The Easy Way)

Originally Posted by gradon View Post
Good writeup. I already have a spare relay, so basically need to wire the st-run to make mine stop CELing. Now to figure out if the stock circuit can handle two fans(I want to use 10awg, and might have to bump up the fuse by 10 amps or so). If not, I can have the stock fan activate a relay for the second one when it turns on.
Thanks! I think your idea of having the stock fan wiring (or the new relay) activate another relay for the second fan would probably be your best bet. I'm not sure what the stock Radiator Fan Relay is rated at, but I'd have to assume it is no more than 40 amps as it is just a standard automotive style relay. The fan motor is protected by a 40 amp fuse and only uses 12g wire which I think is probably a bit undersized to begin with.

Even if you replaced all the factory wiring with heavier gauge wiring and upped the fuse rating, I still don't think the stock relay would like being repeatedly subjected to the current draw of both fans starting up at the same time. Especially when you consider that with the A/C running, that fan cycles on and off about every 5-10 seconds or so. Even with just the single fan, I notice my dome lights dimming momentarily when the fan starts up. I think it would be a recipe for early relay failure.
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