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Re: 1 Marine vs. 30 cops (Marine Wins) - Occupy Times Square retardation

Originally Posted by Milford Cubicle II View Post
I think he's referring to the government's role in the economy. In which case he's right, the government needs to facilitate production. The demand will always be there (in many industries, that is).

I doubt someone who created a chain as successful as Godfather's doesn't understand that you can't just produce produce produce in spite of there being no demand
He actually was placed in charge of it by Pillsbury after he successfully turned Burger King around. After he turned Godfather pizza around, he got some investor's together and bought the chain form Pillsbury. But close enough...

I don't think you can really separate the factors out. If there's no demand, the company won't produce. But, if the company isn't producing, they're not employing people, and those people then have no money to turn around and spend to create demand. I think that companies should be looking to raise wages for their workers. Looking through the slide show posted by bigalpha in the other OWS thread, they have money. Profits have doubled since the 80's or so, CEO pay has gone from about 50x worker pay in the 60's to 350x today, yet worker pay has only increased by 4%, adjusting for inflation. Cut the CEO's pay (right, what CEO would do that?), and use some of the profits to raise worker pay. The people would then have money to spend on your products, other company's products, etc. The gov't would make more taxes off the increased salaries.

Henry Ford had the right idea: when he opened his factories, he checked the going rate and paid his workers double what anyone else was. Happy workers are productive, loyal, and dedicated.
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