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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1. Chuck<bunch of numbers> is an animal behind the wheel
2. New seats are a must in my jeep
3. East coast people (Anything east Moab is east coast) really like 805
4. 6 cases of beer was not enough
5. If you pay Currie good money for a custom axle you're going to be let down
6. My Full-hydro-assist steering works awesome
7. 1 ton brakes are the way to go with 37's
8. I suck at remembering names (name tags REALLY help)
9. Pizza + beer is an awesome meet and great combo
10. KOA is way nicer than slickrock
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I seem to have run out of self tapping washers
99 4.0/AW4/231, with a few basic bolt ons.

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