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Re: Things I learned at the 35th anniversary event.

1:Money canít buy Happiness, But it can rent it!!
2:Pasta jays is my favorite restaurant in Moab
3:No restaurant in Moab serves a Blended strawberry margarita (prove me wrong)
4: Los Lobos does not do ďbump itĒ
5: Everyone should do an LS swap. ...That beautiful noise
6: Moab gets all of its annual rainfall in a single week of October
7:18% sales tax on EVERYTHING (Oregon doesnít have a sales tax, not used to it)
8: Donít question TORXís Spotting skills.
9: The Jeep rental companies donít find Humor in ďThe Prohibited list is our To-Do listĒ
10: Maybe Iíll see Arches National Park on my 4th Moab visit, Canít blame a government shutdown this time
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