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Welcome to the new fabrication area of . This forum, for the moment, is open to members, only. We are developing this forum and tailoring it to the needs and desires of the membership. As such, we are going to use an adaptive management approach in moving threads around for a while. Some current and past threads will be copied from ModTech to sort of "seed" this forum.

I think we can all agree that a fabrication forum is sorely needed, as there is a definate dichotomy of postings in ModTech. My personal goal for this forum is to help push the boundaries of XJ modification. We have a very knowledgable and capable group of fabricators on this forum, and I'm hoping they will share their design ideas here.

As for ModTech, I want it to remain a good forum for answering questions regarding bolt-on products, etc. I hope the knowledgable among us will continue to freqent Modtech and help as time and desire allow.


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