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Xj replacement manifold included gasket gotten better?


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Northern CA
The consensus is always been that the replacement manifold are fine but the included gasket is garbage. Looking at what came with the header it looks like it has quite a bit of metal in it and it looks like it's a minimum of double the thickness of the OEM.

Are these the same gaskets that everyone says are junk?

When you read the Amazon reviews there's hundreds of people that are putting them in there with good results right now.

Felpro looks pretty thin and some people here seem to have had leaks.

Is it remflex or bust?
Well I couldn't find anyone confirming the included gaskets were ok so I went with the Remflex.


I gotta say if I had to do it over I would use this again. I don't think these China manifolds have a perfect fit up. After the torque sequence some areas were closer to the head than others. However it seems to make no difference with this gasket. It's so thick it soaks up everything. I just did 23lbs, says no re torq is needed. Def worth the $40 I think.