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XJ body armor?????


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Madison Twp, PA
I would like to know if there is somewhere I can get some body armor for my XJ. Ive found rock rails, but Im looking for something for behind the rear tire. I caught rocks on both sides on saturday. Id like to cover it up with some plate that will cover the dents and be tough enough to tyake the rocks. Thanks
i ahve been working with simplyoffroad - great guy to work with, works a hard day job, make some great products - and BEST of all - working on guards for a 2door version


supriesed XJNation hasnt flooded with his "buy mine" post...
Cut along the seams and fold them up out of the way. Works wonders.
Upper and Lower guards are from Rocklizard Fabrications--


heck, just make a rear bumper and incorp it into it like I did. Smashed mine also on some rocks and said heck with it and cut them out.
What's wrong with body damage? :dunno:
$4.99 - Can of flat black paint... Covers lots of damage... :lecture:

no they dont wrap around. my warn bumper sits up flush against them. I like them alot but im actually gettin rid of them and my warn rear bumper and my class 3.. for a nice wrap around model with the hitch up in it.. Kinda like camos there but a lower profile and no tire carrier !!

hindsite is always 20/20

keith h
What did you hit your quarters off of? Did your gas tank get it too?

I heard the toyota that went has quite a bit of body damage from that night.

BTW-- Its Erik