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WTB: Budget boost parts, recovery points


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Maltby, WA
I'm looking for some parts to give a few inches of lift and some solid recovery points. Let me know what you've got lying around. I would be interested in some or all of the following:

front spacers (1.5"-2" range)
coils that would yield around 2" lift
long Add-A-Leafs
S-10 or Dakota leafs
front or rear 2" reciever hitch
front or rear tow hooks

Let me know what you've got and what you want for it

Chris W
I have one stock rear tow hook and at least one stock tow hook for the front. I'm still looking for the second. It's out there somewhere in my Jeep pile. Do you need the brackets for the tow hooks or just the tow hooks? I have all three brackets if you need them. I'm thinking $20 for the two I have in front of me with the brackets. I will let you know if I can find the third hook. I live in Northern AZ, but will be in the Phx area in Thursday and will be willing to meet you.
I have two 3" lift coils ( I think they netted me around 2.5"). I think they are Procomp. I'd let them go for $40.
I've also got two sets of lift blocks (2.5" and 3"). Let either pair go for $15. Also have a set of shims (in the box). Those can go for $10. I'll even throw in a set of leafs for free with the purchase of any of the other stuff. I think they gave me a little bump, not sure what they are out of.

PM me if you want.
I'll PM you guys about all that stuff. Anything else? I'm still listening :)