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Wrenchfest or Easter Meet and Greet


NAXJA Forum User
Lebanon, TN
It's been a long time since I've been to a wrenchfest or meet and greet. We used to have an annual Easter Meet in Murfreesboro. Anyone up for that this year? Maybe the weekend before or after?

Anyone planning on wrenching on anything soon? Hopefully I'll be able to start my build in the spring and maybe we can have a wrenchfest then. Thoughts?
I'd definitely be interested. Whether it be a cookout at a park or a wrenchfest, both sound good to me.
Would everyone be available for a meet n greet on Saturday, April 7?

Here's a list of interest

Bosco, wife and kids (4)
Pacific Ed
Mr. Shrek
Eric Ray
I came to one of those meets a few years ago and would be open to another.
Been many years since I have seen some of you and my family has grown.