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Worlds dumbest criminal


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Natick, MA
I was just watching the news and they had a story about a gas thief. Since gas prices are so high a lot of people have been siphening gas from other cars to save themselves money.Well......

A 20 year old male went to a construction site last night where theere were trucks owned by the construction company parked there over night. He was using a garden hose to siphen the gas into his car....BUT its dark out and he cant see, so he uses his cigarette lighter to help him see. He got second degree burns over most of his body and lit the truck on fire.

DOH! :doh:

I heard one of those, was told to be the truth.
A guy had a motorhome and every few weeks he would notice the gas was missing. One day he walked out to his motorhome and noticed a siphon hose sticking out of it, a gas can on the ground and evidence of where someone had thrown up. Then noticed rather than pulling in as usual, he had backed in and the siphon hose was now sticking in the sewage tank!