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Wont shift out of park.


NAXJA Forum User
I just replaced the key lock cylinder on my 2001 cherokee and all of a sudden i can no longer shift out of park. Are these 2 items related in any way? Could my shift interlock have gone bad? Just wondering what I should be looking for. Thanks in advance.
IIRC, there is a mechanism on the ignition cylinder housing that activates the shift lever interlock. make sure it has either a wire plug or a cable plugged into it.

My 1998 had a some kind of mis-adjustment or failure of the interlock mechanism, it is not difficult to temporarily by-pass or permanently defeat the interlock.
Thanks guys. I couldn't find any loose wires so I just popped the cable off by the shifter and problem solved. It's really not the right way but at this point I just don't care anymore. My brain is pretty much trained to step on the break before shifting anyway.