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WJ booster...I know search,search,yada........


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I just ordered my wj booster an master cylinder fer $50 dilivered plus 6 month warranty an wanted to know what adapters you need fer the metric to sae brake lines.My real question is where to get adapters an part numbers for them.I have searched an found people asking fer the same an really did not get there numbers either.And i found the link fer the write up but it is dead.I know about the rod deal but mine exit on the side towards the engine due to the washer bottle and the one for the WJ exit towards the fender.Has anyone used 90% adapters to make the lines exit straight down and made new ones?Or am i going at it alone.Thanx fer any info.
ninner said:
Not sure about the adapters but Were did you find a deal like that?


i got my '04 wj booster and master cylinder delivered for 60 bucks and a year warranty. when you type what you want in, look for the page that is marked with an asterick to get the lowest price. this is the best place to find anything and everything.
yes car part .com is great but i werk at a auto dealer and we use LKQ and they are also getting me a dana 30 out of a 95 with 4.10 gears for $350 AND it will also have a 6 month warranty plus they have to get it out of savvana dilivered to dealer no extra shipping.yeah i know dana turdy but hey my front axle has the original 3.07 gears an i replaced the rear with a 8.25 29 spline with 4.10 gears .its been 2 years without 4x4 so now i get to play again!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks fer the info i am gonna check out the webshots right now.....................uh yeah i now reside in charlotte nc... uwharrie will be on my list fer summer places very soon....