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with flares removed....


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with flares removed i have 24.5 to the center of the hub, how much lift does that come out to ( 85 loredo ) and the rear with flares on i am at 20.5. a little help is all i need,


ps no i didnt search, and if you dont want to tell me, WE HAVE WAYS OF MAKING YOU TALK!!!!!
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without them up front your sol, but in the back stock is 17.5 from hub center to bottom of flair

for hte front search for the dirty method
didnt have time to search because i was being rushed by the better half to go out. sorry.
cancle this thread, i found the answer i was looking for. and i owe it all to members from the past, thank you old members, for being nice enough in the past to help someone out when they asked for it!!!! the only proablem is the different methods i found give totals that are different from each other. oh well, i guess the old saying holds true, its not the size of the lift, its weather or not you like it. and i like it!!!!