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wishbone ranch may 5th


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Eric and I are planning on heading to the wishbone ranch in bowling green Kentucky on May 5th. We are going to camp Saturday night and wheel Sunday. Post up if you are interested in going.
nice! this should be an awesome cinco de wheelin! lol
Never been is it tolerable to bring the daily on a 3 with 31s open open?
Should be fine- the CJ/yj guys are stock. Pretty sure all the big stuff has bypasses. I only have 3" and 31" at's at the moment, so you should be able to hang
Never been is it tolerable to bring the daily on a 3 with 31s open open?

You should be fine. If it is wet, it is one of the hardest parks I've been in. I ran it, locked, after a rain and busted up a lot of things and couldn't pull a couple of hills due to traction. But on the same run we had a guy on 31s open/open that had zero issue - but was pretty liberal with the skinny petal.

If it is dry, shouldn't be any issue. I do recall that the trails are pretty tight. Not a lot of room for error on some of the obstacles, if you choose to attempt them.
I was looking over their site and it seems like a rather, um, extreme place. Just looking at what I could find, Im rather sure that my XJ will not be able to attempt most of their obstacles (unless I wanted to break something...which I don't).

Can anyone chime in about how rough this park is? Notwithstanding what Cottontail said, of course.
Have you checked to see if the park will be open in May? I just heard that the park was closed all of March due to health issues and the owner just had surgery on his arms and is keeping the park closed indefinitely. Apparently he is also taking care of his mom, who just completed heart surgery and a pacemaker install.
Wow^ I hadn't heard any of that. There is another park on the same road that is open through the week as well.
If wheeling in bowling green doesn't work out I'd be down for a trip to summertown, Tracy city, Harlan, wooly's, dirty turtle, or even short mountain. I don't really care, I just want to go wheelin!
are we still planning on wheeling next weekend?
I haven't gotten any response from wishbone via email, so rather than go there and be disappointed that we can't wheel there, I say let's hit wooly's. I'll leave BG around 7 am, putting me there around 9ish. I'll be in my rusty beater 2door.
sweet. that works for me. anyone else riding along?