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Wires under front seats?


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I just pulled the carpeting in my '90 and found a set of wires under each of the front seats. It is a 2 wire set, one black and one red wire with a plastic plug on the end. Is it correct to assume these are stanard +/- for power seats?
Either that or they go to the female end of the front seatbelts I presume.
imma honky said:
seat belts? why would power go to seat belts?

so your dash can scream at you for not having your seatbelt on
ahhhhh, now it makes sense. Learn something new every day :)
Nay!!! I say Nay!!! :)

I have a Limited with power and leather:eek: shhhh don't tell anyone! That wire goes to the power seats if you have them. They needed to be re routed when I took my carpet out and gave it a good powerwashing a few weeks ago!:anon: :anon:
I found the seat belt sensor wire, there is only one on the driver's side. I'm assuming if these are power seat wires, I could put a switch in the line somewhere, drill a couple holes in the floor and use them on the underside for low wattage rock lights.
that should work, just don't forget to fuse the line and don't run too much demand.
yeah, ditto.

they are power seat leads.

the seatbelt ones is just a small one wire path-to-ground

the power seat leads are of course, fuse protected, so they make excellent accessory leads (assuming you DON"T have power seats) ......just make sure, if you use them to power up a CB for instance, you swap in a fuse that will offer the best protection