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Wipers Dont Work, Cant Drive, Please HELP


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My front wipers cut out the other day, along with the washer. After looking at the wiring diagram in my haynes manual, I figure since they don't work in any switch position (they are intermittent) that the Intermittent Wiper Module is screwed up, or that one of the wires came off of it, or that the breaker went for some reason, but it is supposed to reset itself. I wanted to check it, but the breaker for the wipers is not labeled on the fuse box, so I don't know which one it is. I also don't know where the Wiper Control Module is. Please, any information will help, I can't drive when it rains, or see when I am playing in the mud. I need to get these fixed as soon as possible. THanks in advance. Chris
Does the "Mist" feature (the single sweep if you twist the control in the opposite direction) work?

Temporary solution -- Rain-X. I use it regularly and actually almost never use the wipers. Clean the glass with Windex or Glass Plus, then treat liberally with Rain-X. You won't miss the wipers much.
I believe the wiper control module is Velcro'd to the back of the bottom dash/cowl near the 'crotch vent' :eek: (LH below the steering column).

I think the wiring is such that you can remove the wiper module, it's wired inline, and plug the two connector directly together, and you end up with a non-int wipers.

Again, 'I think', the breaker is the little box on the left side of the fuse panel. Follow Dark Blue from the module to the breaker. Power for the wiper circuit is a separate feed off of the IGN switch.

Bear in mind that this is info for a '91.
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Hey, thanks, I am going to see if I can fix it today. It was raining this morning, and made it interesting trying to get to school. BTW, my rear wiper cut out a few days prior to this, could that have anything to do with it. The light still lights up on the rear wiper switch, it just stopped moving in the middle of the window.
I think the rear wiper could be contributing, and in any case it would be a good idea to unplug it, especially if there's any hope of getting it back to life, because the longer it stays stalled, the more likely it is to burn out or strip its gears. The problem with these is usually rust on the shaft, and if caught in time, it can be fixed. If it has been tripping the breaker, there's still a chance it isn't burned out.

As mentioned above, you can indeed bypass the intermittent module, but when doing so, you should not use the intermittent position of the switch.

The breaker is a little silver rectangular box on the fuse block. I think it's at the bottom, at least on some.
Just thought I would say thanks for all your help. Started playing around with the fuse box, and they started working. Must be a bad connection somewhere. Chris