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windows wont go up


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hey guys I have a 1991 xj and my windows stopped working out of no where saturday. I checked the fuse its good. There is no sound of the motor on either side tryin to push the windows up. Any help I was thinking maybe a new switch would do it? so if anyone has one or knows of one it would be helpful thanks
mine did that yesterday. left and right windows at the same time,
it ended up just being the connectors inside the switch had corrosion on them and the resistance made them quit working. take the switch part out of the door and you can pop the individual switches out and there are little gold pieces inside, look to see if those or the connectors are dirty, chances are that they will be. clean those and you should be good to go if thats the problem.

even if that isnt the problem id do it anyways, my windows used to roll up slow like i had weak motors in the doors to roll up the windows but now they roll up like its new.
There is a relay for the up and a relay for the down underneath d/s dash by steering wheel. Try swapping relays around. Does your interior lights work when you open the door? The fuse that powers that feeds the windows. Last week I had to fix some burned wires underneath the d/s carpet to get the windows and locks to work on a 94--dunno why Jeep thought to route the wires where they're gonna get stepped on/mushed by your feet. Add in the typical interior water leaks and no wonder things go to shite.
i'll try cleanin the connectors first...yea my interior lights do go on...so where is this realy at? bear with me its been a heck of a day