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Why not? Lets do it again!

Dan Fredrickson

NAXJA Forum User
Sacramento, CA
Ok Already, I think my example worked. Looks like several more vendors are regularly giving some back to the :NAXJA: community so don't forget them when you decide to buy, I just saw one of Damians (D&C Extreme) cage kits and they are dammed nice!

Sooooo, here we go again! This is our 4th giveaway on NAXJA.......That should set a fire under those non-supporting venders collective butts!

Its all pretty simple, to qualify you have to be a :NAXJA: Supporting member and sign up both here and register at our website ( www.ruffstuffspecialties.com ). We ask for that so you can see just what we have to offer (and so I can convince my accountant these are worthwhile), in exchange you get the chance to win 1 of 2 prizes! If you have already registered on our site just come take a look at the new items!

The winners will receive:

1st Place - 2 Diff Covers

2nd Place - 1 Diff Cover

We make 9 different covers so take your pick!

All prizes must be claimed within 7 days of drawing end or they will be redrawn.

The drawing will be held on the June 1st so you have a little time, I think 20 days should be long enough to get most of you registered and I hate waiting......In the meantime if you buy something and then later win we will refund the purchase price up to what is won so don't worry about that. Good Luck to all, and if you have won before you can try and win again! Maybe this will get some of those other companies thinking about giving back a little too!

This is definately
IN! Just what I need! :yelclap:
Im in thanks
Thanks for your support!
I'm in.
Thanks for the support here, wish more would do that.