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Why is it....


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Effort, Pa
The day before you are planning on rebuilding a BBD that up till now has been just a bit tempermental, the thing decides to immitate a lawn sprinkler and spew fuel all over the place while the son is just on his way to his second day of work at 730am. Luckily 6 miles from home, AFTER I have been up all nite getting an AllenBradley 1784 PLC controller to work with winXP for a customer whose entire plant is shut down till it's backup, their whole production line, milling, stamping, bending widget makers are stuck on the widget line they have enough of, they need to make half million of some OTHER widgets and their widget controller server went toes up yesterday when an electrician somehow pushed 220 3phase thru the ckt, the HP plotter didn't it that much either :D
That rear hook and bracket along with the 40ft 30K strap on my XJ are now marked "PAID", towed that YJ 5 times now. Sheesh, those have saved me a ton of money that would have other wise had to have been spent on tow trucks. I'm seriously considering getting him a front tow harness for his birthday.