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Whos' runing Bilstein 7100 series?


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I'm traying to change my new set of valves (400/100) in my shocks but mine it's different from the manual guide to dissamble it.

The guide's photo shows you a Bilstein disassembly collar(part 193434) that I don't have for now and using two flat scre drivers to pry the rod guide of the shock.

In that pic, you can see circle over expoused of the rod guide-cap of the shock wich has a circle groove or cavity for the flat scre drivers but mine doesn't have it.

How the heck do you take off this part?

Any tips are very appreciated.





Tap it off with a small chisel or screwdriver?

Mine come off really easy, frequently when I don't want them to.
I havent had to take mine apart yet, but I would give bilstein a call(tech support). Are you sure you don't have to twist then pop it off?
Tap it off with a small chisel or screwdriver?

Mine come off really easy, frequently when I don't want them to.

Yeah I tried that, but the small chisel or screwdriver won't hold or stick in the "edge" of that circle in the top because it's smoothed so it will slip...this is frustrating.

I'm out of states, and frankly, I don't speak very well english , I don't thin he will undesrtand me or I won't understand him hehe.

That thing is, the the bilstein manual, shows a different design of shock int he top wich makes sense, you can see actually a place to fit the screwdrivers and oull it up but here I don't any possible place. I guess I will punch with a sharp tool two small holes 180 degrees each and fit a "nail" screwdriver there and see if I can pull it off.
So I did pull off that cap, it's not threaded, just hard pressed and found it with some kind of glue dried of corse (me thinks was dry loc tite) and pulled off the rest.

These shocks are used from a freind who bought these brand new, he told me, that a motorbike shopp arround here did a service in these shocks (I really don't know what kind of service they did, if ever or just added nitrogen only) and picked up like that from there.

I found a blue oil inside of these shocks and smells bit close to 90 degree oil, and burned for say the least.

I do have 2 gallons of brand new Bilstein of oil to refill (actually changing all the oil won't mix of corse). My question is, if for thsoe who serviced the 7100 series found blue oil or it should be the yellow classic color (at most brown or so due the use its my guess) ? Or maybe this guys actually serviced these shocks and added other brand or not aproved oil?

I'm installing 400-100 valves. What are you guys runing in their shocks? Curious to know.

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