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who's going from up in new england?


nobody of any consequence
i will be heading down thursday AM... anyone coming from up here and want to hook up for the trip? i'll be heading home sunday AM with Grizzley most likely.
Grizzley said:
Sunday AM? How early do I have to get up for that? :laugh3:

we'll let the previuos evening dictate that.... :cheers: :guitar: :party: :music: party1: :passgas: :puke: :speepin:
Art Triggs said:
Actually wednesday would be better, I planned for either, so all we have to do is get mr sidriptide to split early ;-)

no way to get away earlier.. i have family weeknight stuff planned for each night up to wednesday night.. i'm looking at gettin gout of here thursday mid-morning..
Think it's just the 3 of us going down from here right now. Haven't heard from bj666. I'll probably be leaving a little after 7am on Wednesday. I should be going through NY on 84 around 10 or 11.