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Who had the Shocks??


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Was talking to someone at the BBQ who had a pair of shocks for an XJ. I'm sorry but i cant remember who it was...Andy? Eric?..JohnK?

I'd hate to spend $80+ on 1 shock when i'll be replacing them over the winter when i relocate the mounts.

I broke a RS9010 at Paragon and need a replacement of some type to get me through till winter.
I've got a pair of SkyJacker front shocks, used for 9 mos, for 6" Lift.

Were you looking for fronts or rear?
It was me John. I guess you have CRS. I have a 2 25" and one 30".
These are the measurments off my 9010.. extended 26.69" Compressed 15.84". Anything close to that would work for me.

John, i need it for the rear...but i'm running EB1 mounts at both ends. (no post)

Can you guys give me the actual compressed and extended lengths? Much appreciated!

CRS..."Cant Remember Shit"??
i thought rancho had a lifetime warranty on their shocks?

[quote:13d75ac747="Hunter"]i thought rancho had a lifetime warranty on their shocks?


I think John pulled the eye out.

BTW, these are eye to eye shocks. Is that what you need?
Yeah Hunter..i tore the eye off and punctured the body on a boulder. Seriously doubt they'd warranty that.

I found a good deal on two 9010's and bought them. Yeah Eric i did need EB1 bushings at both ends.

So while i'v got both of your attention...lets get a trailride down in your area soon. Been a long time since we wheeled together.
How about the Poker Run first weekend of Oct? Chris has the deals.