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i spotted an xj between Rochester and grand mound today (10-26-08) at about 9:15 am going toward grand mound on highway 12.

yours was lifted 4-6" and black. i waved :wave: but you looked at me like i was retarded. :dunce:

guess you forgot about the jeep thing! :mad:
Are we going to do this everytime we see a lifted Jeep?


P.S. Sorry, not me.
Made sense 8 years ago when there weren't many lifted Cherokees. I remember the first time I tried to talk to someone with a lifted one who gave me, "Oh, I don't know anything about it...I just bought it this way." I knew it didn't make any difference after that. I gave up caring. :D
was it a black 2 door with the rear side windows removed and replaced with fiberglass panels? If it was he works at the Lodge and his rig is from some shop in Olympia something olympic custom outfitters or something like that. I dont remember. It looks very capable and well built.. but WAY to shiny and scratchfree to actually be offroaded.