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Where's Everyones Pictures?

JKTXJ said:
Was hoping to see everyones pics since I was too lazy to take very many this year. Start posting links... :)
Here's another album that I couldn't get uploaded until tonight. Dumb me... an ampersand in the folder name will flumox the whole damn upload.

Onion Creek & Rose Garden Hill


Here are my pics from Moab. I usually take crappy pictures, so I wasn't gonna post these. But looking at them I figured there were some good ones.

BTW, let me know if the link doesn't work. Go figure...I'm Asian, and I don't know crap about cameras or computers. :)

Troy's Jeep when it was still pretty...

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Who you calling an oxy moron?? That's the last time I help you with your Jeep. :D
Hey, I may be ugly but I'm not stoopid. Examples of an oxymoron are jumbo shrimp and happy marriage.

You know what we consider reality TV in Kentucky?


Extremely OT...
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