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What's the Cause?


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I find that my tires seem to be Scalloping , I do belive that it what it is called, but the front of each knobby or tread block is high and the back side is worn low. This is totally even across the tire, and appears on all tires to some extent but it is most noticable in the front. I am running Cooper discoverer s/t's and they are at the correct pressure. It is kind of eating up my tires and it would be nice to correct this problem does anyone have any idea?
Break out the tape and check your toe.
shocks are fine. If the toe was off wouldn't it do the same thing but only from side to side rather than front to back?
So out of all you smart people whom are capable of designing ang building some pretty amzing rigs, Noone knows what causes Tire Scalloping?? I thought this would have been an easy question.
Font size: .03 Yikes!
It's called "cupping" and the two possible culprits have been mentioned: incorrect toe-in, or bad shock absorbers.
Well, both my books dont have any listing for cupping, and i know the last pic was hard to read so heres another(bigger) pic from another service manual
i thought cupping was when the tire tread takes on a domed shape and that when this "scalloping" was actually called being "finned"???
on the subject of toe in, I have seen many trucks that have had Toe in problems and it wears them from side to side like the left side is low and the right side of each tread block is high. I think what my problem is that I probably haven't rotated my tires enough then. I have rotated them a couple of times but it has probably not been often enough, I just found it odd to be occuring in the front more than in the rear maybe because there is more weight in the front it makes it more severe? I dunno but thanks for all the help I need new tires anyways have almost 40k on the coopers but because I am at stock height I am rather limited for tire selection I wish I could find a good 30 inch mud tire with water siping.