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what year did Rubicon trail start getting used as a semi offical proving ground?


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Both for jeeps and others...... I know the "first" jamboree took place in 1952.... but what year did the manufacturers start taking their new vehicles out there?

Good question. I saw a large handful of Rubicon TJs out there this last weekend at the 25th Jeep Jamboree. It unnerved me to notice that every one of them had an orange marker pole on the front passenger corner, implying that the drivers had no situational awareness.

There were a few Rubis out there as well, including one brand-new (OK dealer tags) red one with all the add-on armor in red diamond-plate. He left a LOT of red streaks before finally getting behind us with his second flat tire.
The first time I ever heard of it. the rubicon and how jeep used it, was in 81 when a guy I worked with at the club was doing a frame up restore and build out on a CJ5. Did not pay much attention as I had been into 'if this vans a rockin don't bother knocking' at the time :D
Speaking of vans, I was at Lowe's home center yesterday and saw a nice 4WD full-size Ford van in the lot. It was a few years old, based on the body style. Did Ford sell them that way, or was I looking at a conversion?
There is a place down in allentown that does conversions to 4x4's, we see alot of them up here, mostly fords and a few dodges and chevys. Ya buy a new one, drop it off and a few weeks later it's done with a live front axle. They also do used conversions too. There are some knarly looking fords up here though.
None so knarly as the 82 eldorado thats running around here on 35's last time I saw it though.