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What was done to YOUR rig(XJ/MJ) today MECHANICALY????

Awesome! I'm in Spring, on the north side.

Turns out that I am off work tomorrow for good Friday! Hoping the get the XJ's short to-do list knocked out. :)
Awesome! I'm in Spring, on the north side.

Turns out that I am off work tomorrow for good Friday! Hoping the get the XJ's short to-do list knocked out. :)

I'm in the Heights.

Hoping to get my passenger side slider welded up today/tomorrow night.
Got the slider done. Finally protected again
Hope y'all had a great Easter weekend!

John - Awesome! That's nice. you went the 2x4 route?

Sean - Last weekend in April and the more the merrier.

I had a productive weekend with the Jeep. Lots of wiring... my favorite!!! I have had a set of rock lights on the shelf for 3 years and finally got them installed :)

Also re-built my rear driveshaft. Man, the centering ball in double cardan joints is a pain in the ass! Ended up running by a driveshaft shop for help getting it out. (Conroe Truck & Trailer is great!).

They’re just dirtbound sliders. Had to cut the front leg shorter to fit with my long arm brackets

Threw some tires on it and moved it across the property. Got junk row looking presentable.

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Took mine out today. Slight wobble in the steering and the ac is dead again.

Starting to feel like I spend more on maintenance than using it. Maybe time to move on.
Sooo. Other than everyone feeling frogs in Boiling water these days, where is everyone? Looks like a ghost town town around here.

I still have 3 XJs I need to find good homes for (In the S/SE Houston area). I Have 4 and only really need the Wagoneer now as the back up...

I also have enough used parts, and new spar parts to last a life time for about 4 rigs.

Kids are grown and moved on, Son still needs to complete the engine swap on his awesome lifted, new paint job Comanche in my shop...

May not be long before I sell off some shop stuff...
We will see.

The RA has not been kind to the joints in my hands and wrenching and doing mechanical work is getting too pain full. And hard to find folks that want Help + Learn... these days.

Any body still out there in neck of the woods anymore??
Feels like Spring already. Thought all my 87 Wagoneer needed was a battery and drivers seat belt. Found a used Seat Belt on Ebay, bought it, Installed it, and replaced the battery (damn the battery prices these days.. Thank god for Walmart...prices..)

Cranks but I have no brake lights and the Fuel pump is not turning on. Fuel rail is dry.

Hoping it is easy to reach, under the hood, wiring or relay...

At 69 I am getting too old for this shit.

At least I am back to being able to do some limited wrenching in spite of my RA-Joint problems. I could not lift a glass of water 10 years ago. This week I wrestled two Jeep Batteries and won.


My son and I need to finish the engine swap on his lifted long bed, 89 Comanche, in my shop. She is a beauty.

I hear there is one hell of solar eclipse coming this year, in April?

How is everyone else???

Oh, and living room ceiling collapsed last year. That was fun (not).
I'm 70 years old I feel your pain my Dad always said getting old ain't for sissy's
Holy cow, clear skies and the wind, fells like 70 MPH gusts, :eek: just almost ripped my hood off the jeep today. Good thing I was not under the hood just then.
I'm 70 years old I feel your pain my Dad always said getting old ain't for sissy's

This is true, getting old is not for sissies. Did a lot of diagnostics in recent days, and am down to connection issue at the Fuel pump assy on my 87 Wagoneer. Hoping I just need to refresh the push on connector contact points, but I need help pushing it of the grass on to the concrete driveway.

Bumped up from metric 32s to 33's, trimmed my front fenders, valve cover gasket, accel tune up kit. Debating on changing up suspension a bit before the unofficial ROM or just sussing this out as is.

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Went to my shop today and made some custom solid copper gaskets for my 2001 Saturn (No one has or makes the right ones, Ugh..) and trying to solve non working fuel pump issue on my 89 Wagoneer.
Seems to be electrical. Fine spring day and week/weekend FEBRUARY :unsure: scares me since this summer hit 111 F for hours on the Gulf Coast? Which is nuts. All time record. My AC took a 6 hour thermal vacation. I may set up an ice drip feed for the Condenser this spring. That way it will snow instead, LOL