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what new car should i get?

what should the new dumptruck mobile be?

  • high mpg beater/nice tow rig

    Votes: 21 36.8%
  • caddy cts

    Votes: 4 7.0%
  • audi a3/a4/i4/a6

    Votes: 15 26.3%
  • newer corolla/civic

    Votes: 10 17.5%
  • other

    Votes: 9 15.8%

  • Total voters


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highway to hell
Well the xbox/toaster/box/deathbox/etc is toasted :D

what should my next ride be?

ive been thinking about rolling a high MPG beater like a civic or corolla or something and buying a dodge diesel...

or maybe a Caddy CTS, my pops works for Cadillac.

then again ive had my eye on audis..........

new corollas/civics have also been appealing...

decisions decisions.....

it comes down to this:

i need a high mpg vehicle cause i do a ton of driving as many of you know, my 06 scion was bought fresh new with 0 miles and i put 85000 on it and i was in iraq so you do the math.

i also need a tow rig, i could buy a cheap old 3/4 ton chevy or i could get a nicer dodge diesel. i dont wanna drive it alot and it will only be used to tow or haul crap so millage/looks arnt a concern.

i would like to have something somewhat nice for the ladies to cruise in....

i dunno what do you guys thing?
buy a shitbox $600 civic. Buy a $5,000 diesel truck. When the trucks paid off, buy a newer honda or accura for mpg/lady's.

Make the decision after you find out how much money you're going to get for suing his ass!


well the cops didnt like it too much when i stumbled out of my car attempting to recreate the impact i felt on my head on the other dudes face.........

then they had all sorts of questions about the loaded .45 under the front seat............

im not big on suing, karmas a bitch.
My bro has the a black a4 1.8t... its pretty clean although it sits rightnow cuz some sensor went out on it. They make decent power with minor turbo upgrades.

thats the thing im afraid of with an audi/bmw/nazi speed machine.......

expensive repair.
then they had all sorts of questions about the loaded .45 under the front seat............

Wow Officer. The impact must have been so harsh is threw it out of the locked container I had it, what a bizarre fluke that the magazine slipped into the well and the slide got racked!

im not big on suing, karmas a bitch.

I'll only do it in a situation of gross negligence. If I guy runs a light and totals me I'm taking him to court. If it's one of those things that just happens (even if the other is at fault) I'll just let it ride out normally.
im not big on suing, karmas a bitch.
I had a lawyer friend tell me when I was in an accident, f*ck, or be f*cked.

I'm sure if the shoe was on the other foot, Mr. Terrell Gonzales Nguyen would already be flopping like a fish on the floor of his attorney's office as we speak.

My .02
Now if you could get one of the Audi diesels....
You can always use a nice tow rig and besides if you want to go European, BMW is the only way to go.