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What is this?


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know it has to do with the sound system, and i have the infinity tweeter covers by the side mirrors (no tweeters though). Do not have the factory stereo. Its not an amp is it? no plugs to add AM heavier cables

Its just like the little black box airplanes have to record your GPS coordinates in case of a crash landing! :D Just kidding its a factory amp.
I'd leave it in.

Its a factory 4 channel amp already wired into all your speakers. (i got one at the Junk yard and have been wanting to put it in)

If you have it wired into the deck (did you put it in or someone else) then A: It is only helping your speakers to sound better and be louder and B: Your speakers wouldn't get power without it.
ya...if you take it out then your gonna need to power you speakers with the deck as mentioned up above....leave it be!!!!!! or(n)!!!!

not worth messing mith mayng
Going to upgrade it with an amp to power a sub. backend project, not messing anytime soon.
I thought Jeep infinity systems included a sub -- you should dig up a manual on it before tearing it out...
from what i can gather, briefly looking, most of the stereo was either not installed or gutted.

rear sound bar, and door speakers are all thats in there. and the front speakers dont work.

two harnesses on it, one with about 12 wires and one with around 8. one in, one out. wont be hard and ive done car audio before

like i said though, no rush at the moment, not a fan of the cubby sub, so need to devise a plan for the new speakers.

my experience with amps are all AM. it just didnt look like an amp ive seen before.

thanks for the responses