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What happened to 5-90 ?


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His name came up in a conversation over the weekend and I realized that I haven't seen him for a looong while. I just checkd in the members stats and it doesn't appear that he has posted anything since March.... So now I'm wondering.... did he get the security people at the city hall (or wherever he was going couple times battling the metal detector) to the point that they threw him in a can?

or was he ":asked" to assist in the current Mid East Situation!
HEY, watch that age thing. You're never too old. Cleand the shed out today and pulled my 81 Yahama XS1100LH out of storage and started tinkering with it, got 'the look' from the wife and the comment 'aren't you getting a bit too old fast bikes', happend I had my 'Love fast bikes and faster women' T-shirt in the tank bag, still fits :D
53 going on 29 :viking:
I suppose we could defer this to our "illustrious" past-president, Bill Clinton:

"It depends on what the definition of 'fits' is."