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What are you doing to your rig - the continuing saga

Pull my line pressure sensor on the commander since it showed a p0935 code on my scan while trying to figure out the reason I get an intermittent red lightning bolt and loss of power until I let off the accelerator while driving and the catalytic converter codes and pressure circuit code are all I got so dud a full trans service with new speed sensors and line pressure...that line pressure sensor is a bitch to reach and it came out in two pieces the port nipple was cracked off in the bore and you could see oil had been leaking into the harness plug ...but with no reach room the only thing I could do to get that broken nipple out was start it up and hope hydraulic pressure would blow it out ...lol...it did and made a sweet mess too . I was too lazy to pull out the ramps so use two old tires on wheels and when I backed off they both rolled up into the fender wells swiftly busting the clips that hold the bumper to the fender which were all new after last years rebuild after the box truck fiasco... Now I have decide if it worth my time to fix the broken exhaust manifold bolts it's damn noisy on start up until heat expansion seals it up .I might delete the cats since they are showing codes and do the weld in bungs for the 02 foolers and put on a more audible exhaust...not race car retard loud just something like a good performance muffler that has a good note to it the stock XK exhaust is church mouse quiet ...a louder exhaust would hide some of the bad creeks ;-)
Replaced my alternator with a new 180amp one. The Ram 1500 160amp that has been in it for a long time died a couple of weekends ago. I could not get the same alternator locally so I ordered one from Autotech. Hopefully it will last like the old one did.
Of course it was different than the one I had. Did the mods to the aluminum bracket years ago for the Ram one, but this one was smaller around but the front of it was different so I had to clearance the steel bracket that mounts on the front of the engine and the alternator.
Apparently there is no standard size for these no matter what they are supposed to fit! No big deal, a minute with the grinder fixed it up.