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Weak Reverse

Yeah, it happens all the time to XJ's.

If you don't release the parking brake. :D

Seriously, reverse in an XJ should feel like reverse in any other vehicle.
I don't think it's geared significantly lower than other vehicles.

Auto's are mysterious (at least to me), so I would have it checked by a reputable shop. Is it time for a regular service anyhow?
I had a big rig with a Chrysler 440 Magnum and the 727 Torqueflite. It didn't pull in reverse. Well, actually, it felt like it was pulling when idling, but once I touched the gas it felt like it let go... pulled again when the revs got back to idle. I opened the oil pan and struck gold... or rather silver. Lots of metal. That was a gearbox wreck, even though all forward gears were working as normal.

Don't know (and don't hope) this has anything to do with your XJ, as I don't know much about the AW4 as I just got mine, and so far have had no problems with it.