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AW4 no forward or reverse


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AW4 was rebuilt about 16 months ago. Only has about 5000 miles on it. Was driving without issue on highway when suddenly started slipping in and out of neutral. After about 10 seconds it was only neutral. If I revved it up it would move about an inch and then neutral again. No forward or reverse gears at all. Unplugged module, still neutral.

Fluid doesnt smell burnt and looks brand new.

Thoughts? Warranty is shot by 4 months as it only came with a 1-year warranty.
Check Fluid level. That is running and in neutral. Look at both sides of the stick. One side should have a clear line. The other side will be streaked. Also, check the fluid level not running. It should be in the Z bend area. Then when running, it should go down. If so, then your pump has blown.
I'd still call who rebuild it. If a little over a year, then they should do something. Yeah, I've had that issue with a Ford Dealership. I was like 500 miles over factory warranty. Fortunately, I had extended warranty. Unfortunately, they botched the job. Long story. I took it to another Ford Dealership latter.
Looks like its the pump, from that test.
I'm going to pull the cooler lines at the trans to see if there is any fluid movement at all, since that would rule out a clogged cooler, but I doubt it as its the size of a radiator. I'm also going to pull the pan and make sure there isnt a reason that it cannot suck up fluid.

Beyond that, I'm hoping for just a pump rebuild. Before I search youtube, does anyone have pump rebuild instructions? I know these transmissions don't tend to blow up often, so its much harder to find much on them.

I doubt the shop would do anything, since they changed owners since the rebuild.