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We were a 2 XJ family


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Tucson, Az
Friday my wifes 94 XJ (the grocery getter) was ripped off from where she works and the moron took it out and totalled it. He ran, didn't get caught, all I carried on it was Liability insurance so I'm out the bucks. The 94 engine was rebuilt about 50,000 miles ago. I've got a 90 XJ (over 125,000 on this engine) that I'm thinking of transplanting the 94 engine into, I'm looking for the Pros and Cons of a transplant. I'll probably have some parts for sale soon also.
Sorry to hear about that. Good luck if you do swap.
If your xj is running good, it is not worth the swap. 125,000 miles is a drop in the bucket for a well taken care of 4.0 IMO. Sorry to here about your loss.
Ya if it is running well I would not bother. The 94 puts out about 15-20 more horse. But My 4.0 has 230k of hard miles. Only about 100k are on stock tires the rest are 31s then 33s now 35s. They last forever and it is a lot of work to do that swap. Some of the electronics are quite different.
yea 125,000 is just barely broken in, run it as long as it will run. Keep the newer engine though, you'll want it in 100,000 or so.
VegasAnthony said:
did you have a kill switch?

I wish I would have .... :rattle:

got one on my second XJ
please elaborate........I want security without one of those 'security' alarms that nobody listens to.
Had only bought this XJ in February of this year. Had plans to have a kill switch but didn't get around to it. :rattle: I am going to get one for my 90 XJ. I appreciate the input from everyone. Now I have to decide where to store an engine and everything else I can salvage.

What did the cops do ? Did they get any fingerprints for future reference ?
They got a couple of good prints and also the low life had stopped at a CVS drug store and bought something. Left the receipt in the vehicle when he crashed it and then ran. Had a time stamp on receipt. Police are going to check store security video to see what they can find out.