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Water in Engine


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Antioch, CA
I din't really know which forum this should go in, so I posted here. While running through some mud puddles yesterday my engine decide to breathe in a little water. It was enough to stop me dead in my tracks, but after sitting for a while, I was able to get the Jeep running again and get home. It didn't take in that much water being that the puddle was only 8-10 inches deep, so my question is, after an oil change (which I did today) what else should I do or look out for?? I checked the diffs and TC and the both are ok, and I cleaned my K&N. Anything else? Thanks for any help, and feel free to laugh at my dumb @$$ as all of my buddies did when I was wading around in the mud trying to figure out what went wrong (the pictures should be good).

I wont laugh at ya i did the same thing, except for i didn't change my oil and i blew up, if i were you i would change the oil again.


If your diff seemed to full it's probably because the oil is floating on some water!
Ok, only 8-10 inches correct? I would say, you didn't get any water into your engine, you got water on your distributor, and interupted you secondary ignition system. Once it dried out, you could start it again, and everything was fine. You probably did not get any in your diff or your oil, but if you think you may have, it can't hurt to drain it.

8-10 inches is nothing. There's more than that on the road on any given day here in Seattle.
I'm Pretty sure there was at least some water in the engine. After changing the oil, I pulled off the intake and cleaned muddy water spots out of the throttle body. It didn't seem like that much water, but when I got my truck running after it died, there was steam in the exhaust for at least a couple of minutes.
try pullin the spark plugs out and turning it over, if there is any water in that part, this should make it come out, i just did the same but in about 3-3.5 feet of water