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Washer Fluid Light


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Yeah so I've read some on this and no, I really don't need a washer fluid light, but it's just something I want to know. My 1990's light never illuminates, and the bulb isn't burnt out. I'm thinking bad float in the washer bottle? Or.. the other thing I was wondering is, I have a little resistance between the terminals on the sensor, could that mean bad sensor? Can anyone give me a hint? Also, is the sensor a part you can get from autoparts stores or is it dealer only?
Does the float move up and down on the shaft? If so it should be infinate resistance when it is at the top and alomsot no resistance at the bottom. You can check the rest of the circuit by shorting the terminals on the plug to the sensor and see if the light is on.

I hope the setup on your 90 is like my 91 -- or else this may not make sense.

The sensor on the reservoir is a 'simple' switch. It may have some resistance, but it shouldn't be much more than a few Ohms.

The connectors to the sensor are spade lugs. Pull them from the sensor. Does the light go ON? If not, try shorting out the two wire end connections. Light goes ON?

If the light does not come ON under either of these scenarios, then chances are you have a problem not related to the sensor.

I believe that sensor pops off the bottle -- you should be able to manually manipulate it while checking it with an Ohm meter.

Yew...too much verbage.

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Lou said:
edit: Rev said in fewer words

It's okay I think I got the jest of it. Tomorrow, when the day is new, I will short the two wires and see if the light comes on. You guys will be the first to know. Thanks for the tip.