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Washed out roads only wheeling I've done in months .


NAXJA Member
NAXJA Member
Got home 30 minutes ago to see the evenings rains have washed out our road again which I just filled last week . 2 foot deep ruts straight across the road on a steep hill the little guy only has a 3 inch lift and 32s with 1/4 tread the ifs makes for a lot of 3 wheel motion cutting through the big ruts at an angle . I don't think without the quadra drive set up it would have made it through the ruts . It's still pouring out so should be interesting the ruts in the morning which I don't have time to fill hopefully no one gets stuck in them before I leave . Going to have to bring the trailer ramps down as a bridge to get though them in the morning...lol...it's the most wheeling I've done in months.