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Uwharrie Trail Maintenance days


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It's a long way off yet :cry: but Uwharrie will open up again April 1st.

I saw a flyer posted at the pay station advertising trail maintenance weekends next season. In exchange for some labor, they give ya a nifty USFS Volunteer hat, a one-day trail pass, and free camping at the group camp site C.

I think this would be a good way to get the SE Chapter in the spotlight (kinda far for you deep-south folks, but for our NC/SC/VA folks it's fairly central.) 8) It would be a benefit and a boost to our PR if we got even a small crew together.

Anyways like I say, it's 3.5 months off, and next weekend I'll copy the exact dates down and let everyone know what they are.

Also another reminder that Uwharrie closes Dec 15th this year at 10 PM. :cry: