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True Daytime Running lights


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I've watched many YouTube videos and searched around on the forum and I am either overlooking the answer or am wrong about the YouTube videos.

First things first, '99 XJ, 2 door Sport, 4.0L, Manual, 4X4. Here are the lights I will be installing, https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06xrxtx32/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

Every YouTube video I've seen taps into the turn signals or parking lights to power the daytime running lights. This would mean, I would need to pull the headlight switch out 1 notch and have my interior displays dim (I have a double din with CarPlay) to power the DRL. I saw Jeep Cables sells a headlight harness upgrade for $80 but it doesn't seem worth it if I can just steal 12V from somewhere else to power those little LEDs.

Ideally, I would just turn the key and the DRL would come on. Can someone help me find a power source for this that won't blow a fuse. I saw that Canadian XJ's had a DRL module, I am confident I don't have that.

I have similar lights on my 2000, I never had DRL's prior to installing them(17yrs), and now I have them with zero wiring changes.
Any 12 volts positive wire circuit that is IGNITION ON/OFF can be tapped into and will do the job. Grab your $6 -15 volts/ohms multi meter and probe around with the ignition ON and OFF.

The fusebox area has plenty of IGNITION ON circuits, installing a supply wire from the interior to the engine bay is not difficult.
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Both sets of mine only have the standard h4 connector.
So how are they getting "ignition on" power?
My LED head lights are doing the same thing. They appear to be designed to do this in the regard that its only the set of decorative lights around the perimeter that are turned on when the light switch is in the off-position. Interestingly, when I turn on a turn-signal, the decorative lights in the head light on that side of the vehicle blinks with the turn signal.

I think the self-evident answer here is that the factory light harness runs at a low voltage when the light switch is in the off-position and the ignition is in the "on" position. I've been tempted to pop out a head light to measure, but too lazy right now.
I liken it more to how a led fuse lights when it's blown.
Thanks for the input fellas but it has not helped me find the 12V source the lights I am installing require.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks you!

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Does your Mother tie your shoes every morning ?

Grab your $6 -15 volts/ohms multi meter and probe around with the ignition ON and OFF.
Does your Mother tie your shoes every morning ?

Grab your $6 -15 volts/ohms multi meter and probe around with the ignition ON and OFF.

Thank you for adding so much value to this already worthless thread. I’m glad I posted here to see if anyone else has done what I’m looking to do.

Since no one seems to have already poked and prodded and found a good source, I will go ahead and do it once I finish up installing my new upper control arms, bushing, shocks and springs.

Again, the help on this forum so far has been truly top notch. Tim, thank you for your insight and time it took you to reply. I know it took longer to put “ON” and “OFF” in caps which ensures I am clear about the position of ignition.


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I too have a set of Angel Eyes LEDs that I plan to
connect the DRL portion later.
I'll use a piggyback fused connector plugged into
a switched slot.

My question: should I use a relay in the DRL circuit,
even though the LEDs current draw is so small?
I installed the same/similar lights in the first link and can confirm it has DRL without the DRL feed hooked up and the headlights/marker lights off. The engine must be running.

It has wifi DRL
My DRLs do not light with the engine running.
The XJ is a 1996 model.

That's interesting how some can activate without
the power wire being connected.