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Trimmed the fenders, now some questions.


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Edison, NJ
Got around to trimming the fenders yesterday and cleaned them up pretty well, if I say so myself. Deburred the rough edge, hit the bare metal edge with some paint, and got lucky finding this trim. Found it at Pep Boys (the only thing I've ever found that I needed at that place, besides air freshners) @ $5.99 for two 46" strips. It also had a thin strip of glue inside all the way around. It's meant for a door guard, so it wraps perfectly around my fender lip, and holds nice and tight. Didn't continue it all the way down to the end of the fender, but this is good enough IMO. Here are some pictures and test shots w/ 32x11.50's. Do you think I have enough room to fit 33x12.50's now and be able to flex without hitting the fender? I run 2" bumpstops up front and the stock stops in the rear. Have yet to trim the rear, just want to do a little more reading on it. Also, if anyone has any input on the scuff marks my flares made on my paint, please tell me. I don't think the marks went through the paint, but I have tried alot of things to buff it out, and nothing has worked.







Are you on the bump stop in those photos? Is it compressed all the way? If so the fronts will clear the fender. Try doing it again with the front tires turned to full lock. You're probably going to run out of room and rub on the inner fender (at the front) and the control arm. Also, there's a vertical pinch weld on the inner fender that can become a problem. How did the rears look?
It depends..If you stick with BFG's this yes, you will prolly be able to fit them. BFG's run 2/10 of an inch small, but if you go with a Interco tire, they run true to size or maybe a little bigger. but i think you have a good tire size/lift size right now, but bigger never hurts! :)
You will have no problems on 33's from what I can see, I ran them with the RE 3.5" and trimming, and still had quite a bit of room. Rears are easier than the fronts to trim in my opinion, just use the cut and fold method, there are tons of write ups on here about it. And you may want to address the vertical seam inside the fender well. I just used a BFH and pounded it down, but it can be done more meticulously if you want.

Awesome trim job IMHO! Yea you'll be fine with 33s, might rub a little at full lock, but you should be good since you've bumpstoped!
I don't know about 33's. I have the RE 3.5" lift and I had to trim another 2" off of my fenders from where you are to not hit while flexed. I trimmed my front at the outline that the top of the stock flare made. So that'll get rid of your scuff mark question too!!!

Cut more to be same. I put a 1" strip of herculiner around my cut fenders and it actually looks pretty damn good!