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Transmission trouble codes


NAXJA Member #576
Ok this seems to be a 1998 xj issue and IIRC that was the year they came with a transitional computer system, as in you can't check your trouble-codes via the tripmeter. I did a search and just about all the XJ's reporting trouble with this code are 1998's, odd, but still an issue. I Keep on getting a P0700 code all the time, and when I scan it with my snap-on scanner it says transmission controller malfunction, or something very similar to that. I have checked all the connections at the tranny and they all look good and clean, I don't usually tow anything except my occasional 4x8 little utility trailer with my bike on it, and the transmission shifts great, no slipping or anything of the sort. SO has anyone ever acutally solved the problem of a P0700 tranny code? I need to get this taken care, the damn OBDII state inspection I have coming up is going to fail me if I can't get this worked out

"transmission controller malfunction" is suspicious. The AW4 is electronically managed, and relies on inputs from the throttle position sensor, among other things. On your year it's a straight remove/replace for the TPS. I would look at this sensor before going anywhere near the transmission. When my TPS started failing, I had noticaeably weird shifting (at inappropriate rpm). I did not check for codes, though. A TPS failure does not always throw a TPS error code.