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transmission line help needed


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rhode island
i want to get a transmission cooler for the XJ and because i live in a cold winter climate, I will be going from the stock in radiator cooler first, and then the aux cooler. I will probably just get a OEM cooler from the junkyard. My biggest issue is
1- which line is the return to the transmission from the radiator, top or bottom?
2- how do you guys run the tubing? Do you flare the ends of the cut hard lines? I dont know how much pressure a transmission puts out so I want to make sure i dont blow a tranny line while towing my trailer.
3- I am going to put the tranny cooler so that the connections are horizontal (that is how they are from the factory, so i figured i would leave it that way) and was wondering, should i put the "IN" line on the top or bottom?

I thought that the top hard line that goes into the radiator was the return line to the tranny. In that case, what i had planned on doing was to use a tubing cutter and cut the line, run a line from the part coming from the radiator to the after market cooler, and then a hose from the cooler back to the other end of the hard line, so it would go back to the tranny.
This is all taking place when i change out my radiator and t-stat and fan clutch.
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