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Transmission Cooler Install Question


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So I read all the other posts and started the install today...

I thought from reading the posts, you guys didn't have to cut your stock rubber lines. That doesn't seem to work for me though. The outlet of the radiator is right in front of this part of the frame, so the stock line has this 90 degree bend to it...(I have a push-in fitting screwed on to it and stuffed a rag in the opening so bugs won't go in there since I left it like that in the driveway)


But the B&M kit only comes with straight fittings that screw onto the radiator here...


They don't fit because the push-in end of the fitting hits the frame. I went all around town looking for a 90 degree version of the fitting the B&M kit comes with, but no luck at all. The guys at NAPA said they only have 3 in the whole country and they're in Seattle. Should I just cut the original rubber hose (1st pic above) and get a push-in fitting to a push-in pitting to connect 2 rubber hoses?
My 95 has the push on click type connectors also. The short click section has a rubberline on it with a injection type clamp. I trashed my quick conns and just slid the hoses on the radiator line by the st box and the same under. The rubber lines on the quick conns are not barbed or ridged and I bet you could just slip them off real easy. Im baffeled mine didnt blow off the lines they were so loose. I dont have a AC condenser and I mounted mine pass side in front of the inlet. I ended up using 2, 3 foot pieces of trans line to hook it up.
I ended up finding a fitting that would work at a hydraulic fittings shop for $7. I have a GDI radiator and I guess the threads are metric, which for some strange reason is really hard to come by. Here's a pic of the hydraulic fitting:


The inside of the hydraulic fitting looks pretty much like a standard push on barbed fitting, but it is surrounded by this metal sleeve that is used to crimp onto the hydraulic hose. I had to cut a slot in sleeve, so I could fit a hose clamp, as seen in the picture. It works really well.

So I screwed the hydraulic fitting into the radiator and ran a hose to the tranny cooler. Then I had to cut the stock hose going back to the transmission and use a double barbed fitting to extend the line to reach the output of the tranny cooler.
aduke said:
jeepin.com just did an article on installing one
Yeah, I saw that. It's good. I just posted this because someone PM'ed me about what happened to my fitting problem.