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Trails Rd , PA clean up Jan 18th 2003


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dirty Joisey
Hey Fellow jeep junkies,

i realize i am newbie here but i wanted to let you all know about a trail cleanup in PA in mid january.The Trails Rd area is a great place to go to wheel and the people that live around there are kind enough to let us jeepers use the area. some of those who are not so ecologically inclined have flipped an old toyota and left it to rot in the stream and leak into the ecosystem as well as made a mess of the surrounding area. The MD mudbugs, MD crawlers, MD jeeper girls and PA Jeeper girls are organizing a run to do some wheeling, clean up and have a BBQ. I'm the oddball pretty much tagging along and being from jersey. There may be some press and it would be great to make an impression on the locals showing that we do care. They will need some help to get that yota out, i dont think it can be towed out, so it may have to be cut up. If you have any interest at all let me know.

Thanks much,
Would like to help out but unfortunately I have to work weekends.. Hopefully you get a good turnout and get that Yota outta there
Thats great that the jeepers are making an effort to clean that up and hopefully keep it open to the pubilc. It's a short but cool trail on the border of PA and MD, I've been there a couple times. I'll try to come down and help out.

matt- hit me on the back channel and i will give you all the info. bring some buddies if you'd like. the more the merrier.
Make this happen!

Any type of service that we can do as a chapter only serves to improve the public's perception of 4x4 recreationists. I think we should try to have a big club turnout. Please post more information (when, where, etc.) so that we may have a decent showing.

Personally, I have experience with rollovers, so I'd be happy to try and assist in removing the toy'.
this is the link to the mudbugs forum board.. one of my buddies is a mudbug and he has been supplying me with the info. as soon as i get a specific time and the meeting place i will post it.. i emailed my buddy so hopefully he will get back to me shortly. Lawn.. i am right in Mt laurel perhaps we can caravan down there when the time comes. anyway here is the link to the mudbugs.

UPDATE Directions and INFO

Ok anyone who is seriously interested in attending this event please EMAIL me.. i have directions to the meeting place.. the location is near PA-74 in Delta, PA. The group will be organizing at a diner on PA-74 because the 100+ trucks that may be showing up will not all fit in that area if we expect to extract the rolled vehicle. i have directions from Md, PA and NJ for those of you who are interested. Maybe we could arrange a meeting point in the philly area and caravan down. BTW the festivities are due to get underway about noon. i'd like to get down there around 10 or so and grub at the diner before working my ass off cleaning up. Thanks for :twisted: the support in advance.

I'm in... I'll bring my MJ w/ matching trailer for major hauling capacity. I'll also bring my sawzall if someone has a generator they can supply; if not, I suppose I could rig something up with an inverter and an extension cord. We should definitely form a caravan, but I'm not sure on the best way to get there. If you could email the directions, I can probably come up with a place to meet.
Central/South Jersey meeting place is at my house. E-mail me if you haven't been there before.
If it's a TRD model, I'll help to remove that pesky rear axle from the creek...LOL.

I may be able to make it to the cleanup if Bob and Gary can make it. My XJ's on the fritz right now so I don't know how soon it'll be ready for a highway trip. Keep us updated Dave.
a group of guys from the maryland mudbugs will be making a prerun this weekend to better inform us of what equipment is needed.. i have also been in contact with a very respectable and reputable group of NJ wheelers called the misfits. they will be making a showing as well.... all in all if the 100 or so rigs filled with people that are expected can't help this poor woman out and clean up this mess i am selling my xj and buying a honda.
What woman? Please post some background information so that we know what we are getting into.
there is an elderly woman who lives at one of the entrances to this area.. she is elderly however is very kind and lets respectful people wheel in the area and use her entrance. recently team ugly ( the people responsible for the 4runner) destroyed her gate when she told them she didnt want them there and they went in anyway.. she is fully aware of the cleanup effort and is going to give use power if some of those who are going are going to rebuild her gate.
That sounds like a nice effort. If as many people show up as you say, I'm sure it'll get done.