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Trail Cutting at Rausch Creek this weekend.

Andy in Pa.

NAXJA Member #180
Downingtown, Pa.
Anyone want to help out with some trail cutting this weekend at Rausch Creek?? Unfortunately I cannot make it, I have to clean out the garage in Cochranville, and for those of you who have been to that garage, you know the job I am faced with this weekend. I would much rather be trail cutting, thats for sure.

It sounds like it will be trail cutting in the morning, with some wheeling in the afternoon. Check out the Rausch Creek website www.rauschcreekracing.com for directions. Meeting time is 8:00am on Saturday.

I wish I could, but my sister is getting married that day and I don't think she'd understand. :)
I am glad to report that the snow is all gone at Rausch. :yelclap: Ten days ago there was still a foot of snow in the forest. This past weekend, it had all melted. The park is scheduled to open April 5th, so any help this weekend will be appreciated.