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Track Bar Woes


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My primary 96 XJ has had plenty of issues with the track bar thunking or popping when your turning. Does it any time you make a turn while moving or sitting still. Its been replaced twice with a Moog DS1235. My XJ has no lift. I can actually see the track bar move a slight bit where the bolt snd eyelet mounts on the passenger side. Tightened it to spec and still no luck. Two bad track bars in a row? Thankfully there's no death wobble 🤞. Does anyone have any other brands they like or make the jump to adjustable? I don't wheel this jeep at all.
Two words:

Uggs Dugga. Tighten that bolt down, and put some stank on it. I promise it won't shift any more. I fought this too. Don't get me wrong, I am ALL ABOUT some torque to specifications, but this one requires a little more for some reason.
The other way to go at this is a Kevin's Offroad bushing for the passenger side of the axle and see if that doesn't take care of the problem on the axle side. Check to make sure that bushing will fit the trackbar you are using. IIRC the Kevin's Offroad bushing uses a larger diameter bolt, so you will get to drill out your wallowed hole and get it at least close to being round again.

To go farther (if you want) I would consider a Core 4x4 trackbar with double shear bracket. I believe they have a trackbar for stock height (it is adjustable).
Often the axle side bolt hole has wear from a loose bolt and is oversized, and sometimes the frame side hardware has stretched and will not hold tight.

I have welded on a 1/4" plate over the frame side hole to repair an ovaled out bolt hole and to reinforce the factory installed mount. I also had to replace the frame side hardware.

Thank You for the info! I ended up drilling out the bolt hole, using a grade 10 bolt, nut and lock washer and torqued it all in there and so far its been a couple weeks with no noise. The bushing in the track bar looks good so ! didn't replace it.