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track bar help


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nova scotia
i went to change my track bar because it was completely gone. so when i took the bolt out on the axle i kinda pulled the track bar back and it snapped of. any way i could not get the nut of the ball joint end where it broke so my buddy came up with the idea to grind it of down to the bracket then then hit it with a punch to pop it up and out. of course it didnt work its still too wide at the bottom. any one got any suggestions? i need the jeep by monday and cant drive it anywhere now to get it fixed.
The seat for the ball joint stud is cone shaped, narrower at the top than the bottom. maybe drill up through the center with progressively larger drills, until most of the material is cut away from the top of the cone shaped stud at the top of cone shaped seat?
Your aim has to be good, your drill bits sharp and use some patience. Trying to force it or using too high of a speed can snap off the bit, just causing more trouble (use oil and don't let the bit overheat..slow down the drill speed). I've found using a second person watching from a distance (a yard or so) to correct your aim can be helpful, when trying to drill through the center of a bolt.