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Toyota 8.25" rear axle swap


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Who has swapped one in, what are specs of the Toy 8" and 8.25" (newer Tacomas I believe), pros, cons, etc. I've got an 8.25" 29-spline right now with an open diff and 4.10's. If I could get a toy axle with a selectable locker with 4.10's that is stronger for about the same money as putting a real locker in the 8.25 (obviously lunchbox would be cheaper), seems like it would be a good swap. I like the idea of being able to swap in a new 3rd when I want lower gears rather than getting the gears done again. I also like the larger bolt pattern that would match up with a wider variety of front axles. Would the parking brake still hook up? Anybody with info please chime in.

BTW: I have done some searches, and there is some good info, but I want more :)
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I have a Toy 8" out of an 88 truck under my MJ. the 8.25 doesn't have the e-locker available if that's what you're talking about (they don't make an ARB either I don't think). The Tacomas all had the 8.25, EXCEPT the ones with the e-locker had the 8".

The e-brake can be made to work, but will need a little adaptation, I still haven't gotten around to hookin mine up.

For metric brakelines, I reflared the line off my D35 with metric ends, easy. you could also get a custom Stainless Steel Braided line made with SAE on one end and metric on the other.

I think the 58.5 inch wide 8" axles from 86-95 trucks and 4runners wouldn't work with the leaf spring width on an XJ. MJ springs are about 2 inches closer together and mine were almost too wide, perches very close to the drums.

6on5.5" bolt pattern matches Waggys and Chevys but use metric studs so you will have different lugnuts front and rear.

Both Toy axles are stronger than a D44 (8.25 a little stronger than 8") and have D35 clearance. 3rd members are cool. steel housing is easy to shave and weld other stuff onto.

check out this site for tons of Toyota axle info: http://home.4x4wire.com/erik/diffs/

and check www.car-part.com for Toyota axles, check 94 4runner and you can find complete axles with 4.88s for $2-300. also look for the e-lockers in other Toy tacos/4runners